Volvo’s sister brand Lynk & Co unveils a motorcycle move …


The nascent Chinese manufacturer and sister brand of Volvo Lynk & Co has announced a surprise change in the motorcycle industry by unveiling its first new model based on the Benelli TNT 600.

One of the many new brands to emerge from China over the past decade, Lynk & Co remains one of the most recent and important attempts to establish itself as a global brand.

Launched as a manufacturer in 2016 with its first four-wheeled model rolled off the production line in 2017, Lynk & Co was formed by one of China’s largest manufacturing companies, Geely, and is developed around a premium image inspired by its European counterparts, in particular Volvo.

Indeed, while you may not have heard of Lynk & Co itself, it shares many pieces and features – such as lavish interior designs – with the Swedish brand, which has flourished since Geely l bought it from Ford, creating some of the coolest executive cars on the market today.

After expanding its four-wheel offering in recent years and even gaining some visibility with its success in the World Touring Car Championship, Lynk & Co will now try to attract a two-wheel demographic with its first motorcycle. nameless.

However, the company has sidestepped the risk – for now – of developing its own model by rebadging the bare Benelli TNT 600 as part of a merger involving Geely and QJ Motor.

Some smart photographs can’t quite cover up the fact that there is little difference between the two bikes beyond the badge and a pretty sleek yellow and black colourway, but we’d say it’s an improvement over compared to an otherwise bland roadster.

The potential for Lynk & Co to bring its unusual sales model to the industry with an incentive to hire or hire, rather than outright buying, is arguably more attractive.

Although this model is currently not directly intended for the customer in China, it is certainly interesting to have access to a motorcycle while paying only for the time spent on the road, with an application unlocking system of Zipcar style meaning you can grab one when you need it without paperwork or talking to anyone.

An obvious toe in aquatic exercise, it is clearly possible for Lynk & Co to start creating their own line of motorcycles in the future.

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