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The collision caused the closure of traffic in both directions of the Mexico-Puebla highway.

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Some 19 people dead and several others injured after multiple crash in Mexico, especially in Plaza de Cobro San Marcos on the Mexico-Puebla highway, caused by a truck that collided with a toll booth, also leaving several cars on fire, and was captured by security cameras.

According to Federal Roads and Bridges of Income and Related Services (CAFUPE), the accident happened at 12:45 p.m. local time, in which it was reported that a freight truck moving the shampoo base struck the toll booth from the penultimate toll towards the Mexican capital; The truck lacked brakes.

The agency said that while crossing the collection base, the truck dragged six vehicles, killing 19 people and injuring three who were transferred to medical services. The driver of the truck was among those killed.

According to information from the National Guard of Mexico, the multiple collision caused the closure of traffic in both directions of the highway, while emergency services arrived on the scene to rescue.

Authorities said emergency protocols were immediately activated in support of the National Guard and local emergency services.

The CAFUPE warned on its social networks that traffic on the motorway remains closed due to the removal of the affected cars and reports.

Meanwhile, Federal Roads and Bridges urged motorists to take precautions before leaving the road, as well as to check the mechanical conditions of the vehicle and not to exceed safety limits, as well as to avoid driving in a state of fatigue or if you are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance which could affect the driver.

Alfredo del Mazo, governor of the state of Mexico, said civil protection, rescue and health agencies were in the crash zone in coordination with federal and municipal authorities.

He also claimed that the paramedics were picked up by a helicopter from the Lightning Group and the State of Mexico for their transfer to hospitals.

“On the instructions of Governor Alfredo del Mazo, I traveled to km 33 of the Mexico-Puebla highway coordinate relief efforts for injured people and provide comprehensive care to families of those who have diedRicardo de la Cruz Musalem, Under Secretary General of the Government of the State of Mexico, published after the accident.

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