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What do you do when your car / automobile breaks down? Many people are worried about repairing damaged car in Bangladesh because it is difficult to find a reliable mechanic or company. Again, if the parts of the car are damaged, many people have trouble knowing where to find the original equipment. With these issues in mind, a service based on mobile applications has been launched to relieve car owners of these difficulties. The name of this the app-based service is “Vroom”.

What is Vroum?

Now you can search for damaged auto parts with the smartphone at hand. Besides, you can also properly manage the fuel of the car through your phone. These services were created by Bangladeshi software entrepreneurs. Mobile App Based Service Vroom provides hassle-free service to car owners.

Vroom is an online automotive service provider. His journey started in July 2017 and the company has been providing successful services for over four years.

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How did Vroom start his journey?

Some friends started this service in Dhaka with the aim of providing benefits to car owners. Everyone felt that there must be a company that can come to the house and take care of the car. With that goal in mind, they began a journey of forming a business. The entrepreneurs involved in the creation of this service come from different backgrounds and professions. But everyone’s goal was to provide the right service and that’s how the Vroom was born.

However, the initial aim was to provide home services and establish a network of professional workshops in the country. Thus, car owners can take safe service with confidence and guarantee. In addition, car owners could purchase original parts at the right price.

Confidence is the key to success for Vroom employees. At first, they inspected 300 workshops before starting the trip and only considered 31 workshops that had the quality in terms of skilled labor and equipment. With them, Vroom launched an app called Vroom 24×7 on the Android and iOS platforms. Home service can be taken through the app.

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Apart from that, Vroom offers a membership card so that users get various benefits. Later, fuel cards were introduced for early drivers in association with Eastern Bank. Drivers can buy fuel without any problem. The fuel bill is paid monthly. Hence, it reduces the daily hassle.

Gradually, they improved their services. Vroom did not want to limit himself to only home or workshop services. For this reason, they introduced the fuel management card. In addition, fleet management solutions have been introduced for corporate customers. The entire service is available on one screen.

With this software, business customers can instantly know the cost of each of their vehicles. In addition to this, cost management, control and movement issues can also be monitored. This is the advantage of information technology and Vroom brought those advantages.

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Zoom services

Although Vroom started their journey with home service and workshop service, they have expanded their service into more categories. Currently, they offer 11 services in total. All services are essential for car owners or future car owners. In other words, you can say that over the past 4 years, Vroom has become a one-stop solution for car owners. Here are the details of the services provided by Vroom.

Buy and sell

Vroom has its own e-commerce platform for buying and selling cars. New, used and reconditioned cars are available for purchase from various vendors and organizations. Selling a car on Vroom is a snap. Anyone can list a car for sale by filling out a form with the details of the car.

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Wash and polish

The Vroom wash and polish service allows the car owner to perform the service at home instead of sending the car to the workshop. Once the owner has set the schedule, the Vroom team will visit the premises and perform the washing / polishing / oil and filter change or any other service you wish. The fees depend on the service you want to take. You can find the full list of service charges on their website www.vroom.com.bd.

Bank loan

Vroom has a collaboration with Eastern Bank Limited. Thus, the buyer can submit a loan request directly from the Vroom website. After that, the bank will call the applicant for further processing.


With the Vroom inspection service, a potential buyer can hire an automotive engineer to inspect a car before making the purchase decision. The Vroom specialist will provide a full and impartial report on the car after the inspection.

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The company also helps buyers complete the ownership transfer process. Once the sale or purchase is finalized, the Vroom team will take care of all the hassle of the transfer process. However, you will need to provide all the necessary documents.


With Vroom’s trusted workshop partners, car owners can easily set a schedule through the Vroom website.


Another e-commerce platform from Vroom. Anyone can buy auto parts and accessories from the spare parts section at the right price. You can filter the article based on the category.

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With the Vroom fleet management service, users can manage all cars and track vehicles. They have a list of services to properly manage cars.


Vroom offers a well-equipped, world-class vehicle tracking system, although easyrax limited. From Tk. 2,999, users can check the vehicle on Android, IOS APP and web platform.

Oil and Gas Card

Vehicle owners who are members of the Vroom service can get the co-branded card facility. Cardholders will have the option of receiving fuel at over 100 gas stations across the country.

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Vroom also offers an LPG conversion service at a reasonable price. However, the price varies depending on the size of the cylinder. You will get a price list on their website.

In addition to these services, Vroom will introduce insurance services for vehicle owners.

Final words

A team of 25 people is currently working on Vroom. The company aims to expand the service. According to a 2019 report, Vroom had five competitors in the market. But when they started, the market was totally unprepared. Today, the market is growing and notoriety is growing. Vroom strives to reach new customers with more advanced services.

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