Coffin delivery truck hit concrete barrier


A delivery truck overturned in the northbound lane of EDSA Centris in heavy rain early Thursday morning.

According to Reden Lobo, the truck driver, they came from Batangas, where they delivered 24 coffins. They were on their way home to Sto Tomas, Pampanga, when they dodged a motorbike before boarding the EDSA Quezon Avenue bridge, just before half past one in the morning.

The driver turned right and struck five concrete barriers. Under the force of the impact, the truck overturned as broken barriers scattered across the road.

Lobo and his companion were not injured. The obstructing truck was removed, while the damaged barriers were also stored.

Authorities have again reminded motorists to stay alert and to be careful while driving, especially during heavy rains.

Delivery boy shot dead in Imus, Cavite

A delivery man was killed while his partner was injured in a shootout in Imus City, Cavite, on Wednesday night.

The living partners have been identified as David Garcia, 50, and Lolita Aquino, 42.

According to Imus City Police Chief Lt. Col. Gerald Dee, Garcia was about to leave for the delivery when he was shot at around 7:45 p.m.

They live together in front of their house in a housing estate in Barangay Malagasang 2B.

Garcia was shot in the head and died instantly.

Aquino undergoes surgery in hospital for a chest injury.

Police said the gunman was wearing a black jacket and hat.

The culprit was seen on foot from the motorcycle parked at several houses in the residence of the victims.

Someone else was driving the engine and the shooter left.

Dee said the victim had no connection to drugs or the crime, so it’s possible that the reason for the shooting was personal.

The victim received a death threat last week, but police have not disclosed where she was from.

An investigation is also underway to find out whether the shooting of Aquino’s accomplice was also intentional.

The police have already identified the person of interest in the case and are carrying out a follow-up operation here.

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