FIA member club Automóvil Club Guatemala (ACG) has developed a road safety campaign entitled “Usa casco, salva tu vida” . Supported by the FIA ​​Road Safety Grants program as part of the Global Action component, this campaign aims to raise awareness among Guatemalan riders of the benefits of correct helmet use.

Despite the existence of several tools to avoid tragedies among motorcyclists, such as the use of helmets and reflective vests or day and night lights, various reports indicate that more than 50% of people killed in motor vehicle accidents road ride a motorcycle. With these figures, Guatemala ranks fifth among Latin American countries with the highest rate of deaths and serious injuries among motorcyclists, after Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico.

ACG road safety director Juan Carlos Botrán said that “there is an urgent need for Guatemalans to wake up to this situation, not only for the safety of those who ride motorcycles, but for all of us who share public roads. We are challenged to reduce the alarming numbers of fatal accidents and serious injuries that exist in the country due to not using an appropriate helmet or not wearing it correctly“.

In this context, the campaign proposes the following recommendations:

  • check that the helmet meets international safety standards and that it has not been damaged or bumped;
  • check that it is the right size and that it offers good visibility and good comfort;
  • check its expiry date and replace it if necessary;
  • wear a helmet not only as a driver but also as a passenger;
  • and always wear a helmet, even for short distances.

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