All Bond cars from ‘No Time To Die’ (watch out for spoilers)


Note: The following preview of the cars in No Time To Die contains spoilers. Read at your own risk or come back after watching the movie to make sure you get it all.

No time to die pick up just where Spectrum leaves us. James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) drive Bond’s restored and iconic DB5 in Matera, Italy. However, things don’t stay that cheerful for long in the quaint town of Matera. As is tradition in the Bond films, the first car chase hits us with an explosion of action in what is a very long opening scene.

Fourth generation Maserati Quattroporte: The bad guys at the start drive a Maserati and chase Bond in the DB5. Specifically, they’re in a fourth-generation Quattroporte, which is perfect for a chase scene in Italy. Its boxy appearance is pretty nasty, and its Italian rumble is a good background soundtrack for the DB5’s inline six.

In addition to the Quattroporte, the chase scene in Matera is home to some of the best stunts in the whole movie, including the arched jump done with a Triumph motorcycle seen in the trailers – Matera is extremely hilly.

Eventually, Bond and Swann find themselves together again in DB5, where the trailer’s famous gatling gun scene begins, but not before the DB5’s windows and bulletproof body are thoroughly tested. RIP to the first-gen Range Rover Classics and Jaguar XF that joined the Maserati in pursuit of Bond (here’s a list of other Bond cars over the years).

At the end of the DB5 escape scene, we catch a glimpse of what appears to be a 1970s Ferrari. However, the view was far enough away that we needed a second look to be sure of the exact model.

Land Rover Series III: Next time we see Bond, he’s fishing in Jamaica and driving around in a blue Land Rover Series III. This is another of the many Land Rover products featured throughout the film, and unlike most Bond Aston Martins, this one doesn’t appear to have any unique features. Jamaica’s other intriguing vehicle? An old Chevrolet Bel-Air expertly and efficiently driven by Bond newcomer Ana de Armas.

Next, we get some photos of the new mid-engined supercar Aston Martin Valhalla (also seen in the trailers). Former Bond boss M is in the scene which appears to have been shot in some sort of secret wind tunnel. Much to our dismay, no one ends up driving the Valhalla in the movie. Could this be a teaser for 007’s next car? There’s a good chance that this is the case, considering that Valhalla played such a small role in this Bond film.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage: We were happy to see the original V8 Vantage from the late 1970s and 1980s make an appearance. In fact, he made several appearances throughout the film. It’s hard to get a combo more badass than Daniel Craig driving a blackened Aston Martin Mustang.

Many all-terrain vehicles: As seen on several trailers, things take an off-road turn with the flying Land Rover Defenders – Land Rover has even made special James Bond versions of the SUV. However, Bond wasn’t behind the wheel of any of these defenders. Instead, he drives a Toyota Land Cruiser in the Norwegian part of the film as he is chased by Range Rover Sport SVRs and Defender V8s with double horsepower. Plus, Triumph motorcycles are back for two-wheeler enthusiasts in this bumpy chase scene.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera: The astonishing and still relatively new DBS Superleggera is also jumping into the party in Norway, quickly showing everyone that its wacky 715 horsepower V12 is nothing to sneeze at. This two-seater Aston is driven by Nomi, Bond’s replacement in 007, and she clearly had the same secret agent driving training as Bond.

And that’s where, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll leave you without spoiling too much. There are a lot of classic Bond gadgets and gadgets throughout the film. Additionally, a strange airplane / submarine combo vehicle appears at one point. In short, however, the cars from Daniel Craig’s latest Bond film don’t disappoint, and neither do the stunts.

There are a lot for car enthusiasts to watch when No time to die opens in theaters October 8.

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