A sort of two-wheeled truck: the Roxon 2×2


Roxon is a New Hampshire company that has been around since 1958. They make an unusual type of vehicle: an all-wheel-drive motorcycle with big tires, 14-inch ground clearance, and a top speed of 35 mph. Single-cylinder on-time engine – only 208cc – that puts out 7 horsepower, but the thing can tow 2,000 pounds. Interestingly, the wheels are hollow drums, which can be left as is to provide flotation (so you won’t lose it. in a water accident) or filled with 2.5 gallons of additional fuel or water.

Roxon offers six different versions, all targeting different use cases:

$ 7,675

Rokon’s basic, no-frills style. This one doesn’t have hollow wheels and is the cheapest in the range.

$ 8,475

This is basically their fleet model, designed to take one or two people over difficult terrain. Trail-Breakers have been used by the US military, the forest service, fishing and hunting officers, and so on.

$ 9,175

This one has a 12 “x 32” rear rack, long enough to carry a chainsaw or similar sized tools. Ideal for agricultural, forestry or utility work in places where you cannot fit a truck.

$ 9,275

The Ranger is a street-approved version of the Trail-Breaker, equipped with the necessary gauges, lights, tires, mirrors and horn.

$ 8,775

Basically the Trail-Breaker in camouflage.

$ 9,275

This has an LED headlight, a “power socket” for charging devices, an on-board maintenance kit, an on-board survival kit and a rear storage rack. The Rokon for Preppers model highlights one characteristic that all have or lack, depending on how you look at it: All Rokons are “EMP proof.” The bike is carburized and is not controlled by any computer technology ”. If the electric start is off, you can start it like a lawn mower.

Here is a group of enthusiasts putting their Rokons to the test:

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