4 essential safety equipment for every rider

Besides the thrill and thFor a feeling of freedom, riding a motorcycle can be an economical and fast way to get around. However, riding a motorcycle comes with safety concerns, as research suggests that it can be more dangerous than driving a vehicle. Fortunately, several safety equipment and accessories make you more visible and improve your safety on the road. Here are four essential safety equipment for every rider.

Motorcycle helmet

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A helmet is an important piece of equipment that every rider should have for prevent deaths. While it might seem pretty obvious, many runners tend to ignore its importance. Statistical reports show that putting on a helmet prevents fatalities by 37% and reduces head injuries by 69%. With other studies proving that most fatal impacts occur around the forehead and chin bar, it’s best to choose a motorcycle helmet that protects your face and head from crashes. Experts strongly recommend using a full face helmet instead of an open face helmet for better coverage and protection.

Get a jacket

Motorcycle jackets are not only really cool, but also crucial for your safety. These vests provide protection as they have been shown to be effective in minimizing injury in a crash. They also provide a bit of comfort and warmth, as you usually get quite cold when riding a motorcycle. And while it can get really hot on some days, that’s no excuse not to wear your jacket. However, it is essential to be careful with the jacket you use, which serves very different purposes.

Eye protection

While most helmets come with visors, cyclists who do not have this helmet usually wear sunglasses and goggles to protect their eyes. As you ride, fragments of gravel, debris, and dust can get into your eyes and cause discomfort such as itching and uncontrollable blinking. Sunglasses and goggles can protect you from wind, sun glare, flying insects and even rain. There is nothing wrong with wearing a full face helmet for protect your eyes and face. You can also protect your eyes when using open face helmet. Whichever you choose, eye protection is never an option but a must.

Boots and knee pads

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Invest in the right footwear if you want to stay in control when riding a motorcycle. Auto and road safety experts strongly recommend getting proper support for your feet and ankle. They are also practical to protect you against possible impacts and dangers on the road. Safety studies suggest that motorcycle boots reduce the risk of open wounds by 90% and foot injuries by almost 50%. These numbers are huge if you think about it. Luckily, motorcycle boots and knee pads provide good traction on paved surfaces and are designed to never clog the gearshift, ankles, and brakes.

While these safety gears are useful, they wouldn’t do much if they weren’t made from reliable, high-quality materials. Therefore, be sure to buy your equipment from a reputable company. For example, you can look through the BMW motorcycle clothing, which offers the best in safety, style and comfort.

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