3 women injured after two cars collided in Dimiao



Three women landed in hospital after sustaining injuries in a head-on collision between two cars in Dimiao Town on Sunday afternoon.

Staff Sgt. Adrian Cagalitan from the Dimiao Police Station said two sedans collided along a blind curve in Barangay Luyo at past 5 p.m.

According to Cagalitan, a Toyota Vios driven by one Ignacio Calamba crashed directly into a Mitsubishi Mirage driven by 36-year-old Marjelyza Reyes.

“Allegedly under the influence of alcohol kaning Ignacio. Approaching part of the blind curve, if Ignacio nawad-an og controls his iyang gimaneho na sakyanan instead of mo liko, running directly na nuon siya nilahos mao mikawat siya sa pikas linya ni Margelyza maong frontal collision gyud ” , Cagalitan said.

He added that Reyes’ vehicle was pushed back 17 meters after the impact.

Reyes and two of his passengers Vida Maquiling and Debora Mariotti suffered various injuries. They were rushed to a hospital in Valencia and then transferred to a private hospital in the city of Tagbilaran.

They were admitted to hospital but were in stable condition.

Meanwhile, Ignacio who suffered only minor injuries was taken to an infirmary and then to the Dimiao Police Station.

According to Cagalitan, the two sides had to meet to find a settlement.

No charges have been filed against Ignacio, who has also been released from custody. (A. Doydora)


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